Deeper Games

Founded: August 1, 2016
Based-in: Seattle, Washington USA

Press Contact: David Cordis

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Deeper Games is a family run indie studio based out of Seattle, WA. We make games rooted in nostalgia for the 80’s, and we reminisce about technology that our son thinks are antiques.


The company was founded by David Cordis. David’s worked on Plants vs Zombies Heroes, Heroes of Dragon Age, and has been in gaming for more than 12 years. The name of the company is based on a childhood nickname.

Upcoming Project:

Unannounced Title: A second, nostalgic love letter is currently being written.

Finn in 1989 – On iTunes

Deeper Games’ first title was released on iOS July 4th 2017.  This is a love letter to the 80’s, and any fans of interactive fiction. This is for the fans of Stranger Things, Ready Player One, anyone who stayed up all night playing Nintendo, and fans of interactive fiction.

Finn in 1989 is a playable, interactive story of survival against all odds. A young boy discovers he’s lost in time with only his backpack and his walkie-talkie. Help young Finn make life or death decisions, and unearth the mystery behind his disappearance.

We are about to hop in a DeLorean and go 88mph to the future, and will update this when we’ve saved the world.

Player Quotes

“Just finished it. Honestly I couldnt put it down most of the day. Just like a good book I had to keep coming back and see what happened. If you like lifeline type games, but with a stranger things vibe, you will enjoy this.” — LousyHero, Touch Arcade

“Really enjoying this game. I love all the references to the 80’s era and the mysterious adventure. Really liked the Firestarter heebeejeebee comment. Hope that’s not a spoiler. Haven’t finished yet, but looking forward to it. Thanks and regards. Now go play this game and reminisce about the 80’s … It’s sure a ‘thriller’! ” — Barx55, Touch Arcade


David Cordis
Creator, Writer

Tom Bristol

Designer, Marketing

Son, Chief Pixel Officer